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Trick or Treat for UNICEF

What Your Donation Can Do


“A Skeleton, a Werewolf, a Ghost and a Banshee walk in to a bar and say.... “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” Bringing together the Irish and American traditions of Halloween, this year, 2009, marked the Wild Colonial’s third Trick or Treat for UNICEF Halloween Party for Kids thrown by the Collins kids. It began in 2006 when their school, participating in Trick or Treat for UNICEF, inspired her to want to have this party. See the link here to Grace’s letter. The Collins kids still collect door to door on Halloween because it’s fun to watch your neighbors look for change, but have found the party to be a fun way to raise good money for kids all over the world.

It’s a costume party and it’s free to all kids and their parents (all children must be accompanied by a parent). Past parties have featured pumpkin painting, plays, storytelling, musical interludes, disco dancing and groovy animals. The money raised for UNICEF is done entirely by raffles and a donation from the Wild Colonial in whatever amount is spent there during the party. The fabulous prizes, which allow us to raise this money, are provided by some of our friends here in Providence and, this past year, Tom Brady and Adalius Thomas of the New England Patriots. Please see the list below for these fine folks and visit their businesses and organizations whenever you can. For more information on UNICEF and how it helps kids all over the world, please visit: Next Year’s Party: October 23, 2010 —Scare you there!


Moneys raised

2006   $750.00
2008   $1000.00
2009   $1700.00 and counting

“Some of the Fabulous Prizes” Thanks Tom and Adalius!  


to all of the People who have helped with time and prizes: NewGate Theatre (Providence), Russ Beauregard of RI Distributing Roger Williams Park Zoo Zoomobile(Providence), Coiffurium Salon (Providence), Salon Bianco (Providence), Salisbury Farms (Johnston), Karen Allen, Jason Ruiz, Marah Hoffinger, The New England Patriots, The Providence Bruins, Trinity Repertory Theater, Horizon Beverage Corp.”

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