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Pub Quiz: What It Is

The Wild Colonial Pub Quiz team is modeled after the pub quizzes that have long been popular in Ireland, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere. Our quiz is unique to The Wild Colonial, though, since we develop the questions ourselves and always include a local category. We offer our quiz every other Sunday night—barring holidays, Super Bowls, World Series’ or the Oscars. Check "Happenings & Goings On" for dates and times. It usually takes about two hours to play the whole quiz but late arrivals and early leave-takers are encouraged.

image1The Fabulous Prizes

Our first prizes have included Hibachi gas grills, brewery tours, Paw Sox and PBruins tickets and passes to the downtown skating rink. Third prize is, as always, Wild Colonial Pint Glasses.

©The Wild Colonial Pub Quiz is developed for the exclusive use of The Wild Colonial Tavern and is copyrighted by the Wild Colonial Corporation.